HI-LOK™ and HI-LITE™ Fasteners.



Delivering high strength controlled preloaded system, our pins range offers a versatile solution for most of structural assemblies. The pins are easily installed from one side, by one person, quietly, even is most restricted areas. Discover our range, from our original HI-LOK™ system, to our latest HI-LITE™ pins with an improved recess.



  • Controlled preload
  • Wide variety of materials and coatings for installation in all structures
  • Made for shear and/or tension applications, on plain or sloped surfaces
  • Limited access installation, using conventional tooling
  • Suitable for clearance, transition and low interference fit installation


HI-LITE™ pin (HST)

HI-LITE™ pins are the direct evolution of HI-LOK™ pins. These fasteners can be used for clearance, or low interference fit throughout aircraft, from wings to fuselage, in engine fairings, and more. Combined with HI-LITE™ nuts and collars, they provide up to 13% weight saving compared to the previous HI-LOK™ generation.

HI-LITE™ pin with ASTER™ recess (HSTR)

The HSTR™ family is latest innovation of our pins range. It offers all the benefits of the HI-LITE™ pins with an improved recess that prevents failure during the assembly process. This product is especially suited for clearance fit assemblies of composite structures.

This feature is also available for HI-LOK™ pin users, with our HLR™ pins.

HI-LOK™ pin (HL)

The HI-LOK™ pins are the original solution for strong and reliable assemblies. Having a wide range of shapes, materials and coatings, they are suited for most of structural assemblies. This solution is still commonly used in the aerospace industry, but can be safely replaced by equivalent HI-LITE™ pins for improved weight saving. The latest HLR™ range also comes with an improved ASTER™ recess, especially suited for clearance fit assemblies of composite structures.


The HI-TIGUE™ system has been the first practical interference fit fastening system to be developed. It provides improved fatigue benefits by combining the hole-improvement qualities of the HI-TIGUE™ pin and the consistent preloading qualities of the HI-LOK™ collar.

Licensed manufacturers.

In order to provide the best quality for our products, HI-LITE™ and HI-LOK™ pins are only manufactured by licensed suppliers. A supplier list can be found here:

HI-LITE™ and HI-LOK™ fasteners licensed manufacturers


HST™ pins configurator.

HSTR™ pins configurator.

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HI-LOK, HI-LITE, HI-TIGUE, HL, HST, HLT, HSTR and HLR are trademarks of HI-SHEAR Corporation, subsidiary of LISI AEROSPACE