OPTIBLIND™ Blind Fastener.



The OPTIBLIND™ fastener is a new solution which can provide time savings by allowing fully automated structural assembly, including automated installation checks. This fastener is designed to provide equivalent performance in terms of preload, shear and dimensions to current structural fasteners used in shear applications.


  • Designed for clearance and interference fit assemblies
  • Can be used in metallic, composite and hybrid structures
  • Fully compatible with conventional drilling diameters
  • Extended grip range of 5/64”
  • Direct replacement of permanent structural fasteners, such as lockbolt or HI-LITE™ pins
  • Optimized flushness without shaving
  • Robotized or manual one sided installation


  • Manual single power tool for full installation
  • Semi-automatic tool such as collaborative robot (COBOT)
  • Automatic tool such as multi-axis industrial for complete automated assembly