HI-KOTE™ coatings.


HI-KOTETM coatings are primarily formulated to prevent galvanic corrosion and provide aerospace fasteners with lubrication properties. HI-KOTETM coatings are phenolic resin-based coatings filled with anti-corrosion pigments, aluminum pigments and/or lubricating pigments.

LISI AEROSPACE has been investing heavily in Research and Development, pushing the boundaries of coating chemistry and application processes outwards. Driven by both its strong background and the latest environmental regulations, LISI AEROSPACE has successfully replaced chromate compounds currently used in legacy coatings since the start of the 21st century.


  • Coat corrosion resistant materials such as: titanium alloys, corrosion-resistant steels, nickel based alloys
  • Prevent galvanic corrosion in aluminum alloy structures
  • Provide lubrication for thread friction and for interference fit assembly
  • Resist aggressive chemicals (paint strippers, jet fuel, hydraulic fluids, cleaning solvents)
  • Adhere strongly to the aircraft’s external paint scheme and the sealant
  • Environmentally friendly and REACH Compliant HI-KOTETM 1 NC and HI-KOTETM 4 NC coatings
  • Meet aerospace specifications: EN4473, BMS 10-85, NAS 4006, HS294 and HS292

Licensed applicators.

LISI AEROSPACE has implemented a licensing and qualification system to ensure constant high performance and quality control for all products coated with HI-KOTETM coatings. Please contact LISI AEROSPACE to become a licensee for in-house application or choose from one of our qualified applicators. The list is available here: Licensed HI-KOTETM coating applicators