Life & talents.

A leading supplier to the aerospace sector—one of the most high-tech industries—LISI AEROSPACE offers many opportunities to tackle new challenges and cutting-edge projects.

Life & talents

Top 5 reasons to join us.

1. Work for a leader

As a rapidly growing company, LISI AEROSPACE’s strategy is rooted in a long-term vision and the pursuit of excellence. A leading supplier in aeronautics (one of the most high-tech industries) LISI AEROSPACE offers many opportunities for challenges and cutting-edge projects in the factory of the future, 3D printing and digitalization. Our development and success are built on our constant and uncompromising commitment to an entrepreneurial spirit and our core values: teamwork, diversity, equal opportunity and continuous improvement. In short: we are always looking for people who are ready to participate in our expansion.

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2. Strong opportunities for advancement

Work for a company that emphasizes geographic and functional mobility! 
We offer a stimulating work environment, responsibilities to match your ambition and opportunities for advancement at our sites in France and around the world. Mobility, growth and flexibility are the fundamental elements of our culture. We support our talented people in the development of their careers.

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3. Continuous improvement and advanced innovation

Our Corporate University, the LISI KNOWLEDGE INSTITUTE (LKI), gives everyone an equal chance to succeed, as well as the opportunity for career advancement and the possibility of fully exploring one’s position. Training enables our employees to keep their skills sharp within a fiercely competitive market that must contend with rapid technological changes. This knowledge is a prerequisite for innovation.

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On average, 80 new engineers join our teams every year.

4. Promote team unity and team spirit

Your arrival will be expected and prepared for. Your direct manager, coworkers and an HR team representative will be available to provide any information you need regarding your orientation and training. In addition, we also offer an orientation seminar for executives at our LKI Corporate University.


5. Have a real impact through your work

As a rapidly growing company, LISI AEROSPACE welcomes and spotlights talented new people, while its staff has the power to take action, as well as the space to meet its objectives.

If you’re like us, join us.

You are…


a team player

a listener

motivated and motivating

curious and eager to advance

focused on excellence

ethically minded

ready to help and share



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