MONADLOCK™ Panel fasteners.


The MONADLOCK™ panel fastener is a beam-locked, vibration resistant, high seating cycle design. Multiple lead thread configurations facilitate quick operation.  It can accommodate a large variation in grip, and is optimized for use on curved surfaces, and where misaligned holes are present.


  • Interchangeable with, Tridair Mark IV and Mini-Mark IV Structural Panel Fasteners.
  • Stud bolt available in 7/32″ (5,56mm) to 3/8″ (9,53mm) nominal diameters.
  • High strength for tension and shear.
  • Grommets for gasket applications and for protection against crushing and delamination of composite panels.
  • Stud features positive retention, multiple threads for quick operation and threadless nose for easy engagement with nut plate.
  • Flat beam nut plates deliver up to 1,500 seated cycle life for exceptional reusability.
  • Nut element provides .020″ (0,5mm) minimum radial float and versions allow for angular engagement of nut plate to ease installation of curved panels.
  • Receptacle nut portion can be replaced without removing rivets.

Product Selection.

  • MONADLOCK™ II Series: .2500” to .3750”
  • MINI-MONADLOCK™ II Series: .2160”
  • MICRO-MONADLOCK™ II Series: .1900”