Building on 230 years of expertise in metallurgy, LISI AEROSPACE designs and manufactures technically advanced solutions and components, in compliance with the highest quality standards.


Manufacturing sites.

All of our 19 manufacturing sites in France and around the world are certified and have made quality and operational excellence their top priorities. This commitment forms the basis of our corporate culture.

100% certified


LISI AEROSPACE manages 21 manufacturing sites spread across nine countries. All of our sites hold the “Quality Management System for the Aerospace Industry” certification, which ensures quality at every level of the supply chain and recognizes several years’ worth of standardization efforts to roll out the leading business processes in our sector. Some of our special aerospace procedures also hold NADCAP certifications.

Autonomy and quality

LISI AEROSPACE sites are organized into autonomous production units, which are in turn divided into autonomous production groups focused on quality, productivity and on-time delivery for a given product line. Our LEAPTM production system aims to eliminate manufacturing defects, reduce waste and irregularities, and empower people at every level to make rapid, fact-based decisions if the unexpected occurs.


To achieve our performance, quality and cost objectives, we favor a comprehensive integration of the manufacturing chain, from processing basic materials to delivering the finished product. We also work with a network of approved suppliers, enabling us to subcontract certain special processes as needed.


The share of revenue we devote to maintaining and upgrading our manufacturing infrastructure.

Our fastener manufacturing sites:

Bangalore (India)

City of Industry (United States)

Dorval (Canada)

Izmir (Turkey)

Rugby (United Kingdom)

Saint-Brieuc (France)

Saint-Ouen l’Aumône (France)

Tanger (Morocco)

Torrance (United States)

Vignoux-Sur-Barangeon (France)

Villefranche-de-Rouergue (France)

Our structural component manufacturing sites:

Bar-sur-Aube (France)

Bologne (France)

Chihuahua (Mexico)

Marmande (France)

Rzeszow (Poland)

Parthenay (France)

Châteauroux (France)

Our additive manufacturing site:

Ayguemorte-les-Graves (France)


We supply our customers with high-tech components and parts that are ready for assembly, and adapt ourselves to specific quality, delivery time and budget conditions. As a preferred partner, we provide support from prototyping to production lines, and at every stage in the life cycle of their aerospace programs.



We have recognized expertise in manufacturing critical and special components that involve complex geometry and are intended for aircraft parts that must adhere to strict requirements. We leverage our cutting-edge expertise and advanced techniques to forge, form and build standard and hard metals, such as titanium and nickel alloys.



Our customers value us for our flexibility. For example, we use our adjustable production lines to manufacture batches containing anywhere from 10 to 250,000 parts.



Our customers also turn to us for help when it comes to engineering innovative solutions. The diversity of our manufacturing equipment and processes, our research teams, as well as our capacity to manufacture tailor-made components allow us to meet virtually any requirements pertaining to the construction of aerospace parts.



The wide range of our production lines enables us to operate at every step of the supply chain. LISI AEROSPACE offers a vast array of assembly parts, covering a large variety of lengths, diameters and shapes. We also offer different coating and thermal treatment capacities. For example, our primary components may be made out of titanium, aluminum, composites or corrosion-resistant alloys.


Local presence.

Our global presence in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America, near our customers and their assembly lines, is a crucial advantage for forming long-term partnerships with our customers. With our assembly capacities in France and Morocco, we can meet all of our customers’ requirements and deliver complex products.

The LEAP Program.

We build our success on sustainable operational excellence, ensured through our internal program for continuous improvement: the LISI Excellence Achievement Program (LEAP). LEAP contributes to our organic growth strategy, expressed through targeted acquisitions, to offer high-value products.

Achieving operational excellence throughout all the Group’s activities

LEAP is integral to the LISI SYSTEM, a global plan for improving the Group’s performance that involves all of its functions. Launched in 2011, the LISI SYSTEM continues its dynamic growth today. LEAP leverages the efficiency of lean manufacturing combined with the Six Sigma approach and the pursuit of high performance to improve the overall value delivered to our customers. As a highly strategic plan, LEAP guides the actions of each of its participants in order to enhance their performance and capacity to adapt—two key competitive advantages.

Each division’s plants have accelerated their rollout of LEAP methods: 20 maturity awards were delivered during the 2017 LEAP Forum, bringing the total number of awards distributed since the program’s launch to 35. Notably, 22 managers were certified after their completion of LEAP Manager training.


Key figures.

maturity awards
certified managers

LEAP, a cross-cutting process.

The recent convergence of LEAP with our human resources organization has empowered us to engage all employees and standardize the rules for organizing production.

The supply chain has also integrated the program’s standards.

LEAP has now made it possible to give maintenance teams a new assessment and diagnostic tool.