Inserts are used in structural assemblies, such as forged, casted and machined components where a tapped hole will not provide an adequate thread shear area, nor a self-locking device and could jeopardize the integrity of the component in case of thread damage. In aluminum components for example, an insert provides a stronger material for the bolt to engage with; as such, they are commonly used in engine cases and gearboxes. Inserts are also available for honeycomb panels and even the new composite materials for airframe applications.


  • Wide range of LISI or OEM standards (GE, Rolls Royce, Safran and more)
  • Metric or inch series
  • Oversized inserts for repairs
  • Reliable self-broaching keys designed for most common raw materials

INCONEL is a trademark of Special Metals Corporation


Locked-in Inserts Configurator.

Bonded/Over-molded Inserts Configurator.