Nut Plates.


Nut plates are self-wrenching, self-locking nuts that are used in constrained areas to provide a permanent nut element on the inside of a joint, so that an access panel, fairing, or other element can be attached with a screw.


  • Radial float up to .150″ (3,81 mm)
  • Available materials: alloy steel , A286 and titanium
  • Available finishes: cadmium plated, passivated, silver plated, solid film lubed, HI-KOTE™ 4NC coating
  • Captive or removable nut element
  • Self-locking torque deliver up to 25 cycles, and even up to 1500 cycles for some special applications
  • High vibration resistance


Floating Nut Plate Configurator.

Non-floating Nut Plate Configurator.