Developing innovative expertise by leveraging the latest technological breakthroughs is a key strategic priority for LISI AEROSPACE.


Our innovation expertise.

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA at LISI AEROSPACE, as well as a key strategic priority for the entire LISI Group. Our innovative products and expertise in many fields have contributed to the success of aircraft such as the A380, B787 and A350, as well as jet engines like LEAP and GE9x.

LISI AEROSPACE is convinced of the key role played by innovation. For that reason, the company dedicates approximately 2% of its annual revenue to the research and development of new concepts, products and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Capitalizing on our expertise

More than 100 of our employees work on the identification of new and promising concepts, as well as the design, prototyping, digital simulation and technical and industrial testing of our innovations. While we carry out a vast portion of these specialized efforts internally, we also take active part in public research programs and form partnerships with the most advanced companies and laboratories in both the academic and private sectors.

3 main fields of our innovation expertise.


R&T prospecting.

Our R&T roadmap at LISI AEROSPACE includes the following priorities: maintaining a high level of activity in the fastener segment, driven by commercial aviation, while focusing on technologies that deliver productivity gains for our customers’ assembly lines. Within our structural components division, we test breakthrough technologies while providing support for ramping up new programs and improving operational performance.


Project methodology.

Developed by the teams at LISI AEROSPACE, the LISI Innovation Standard Approach (LISA) aims to accelerate the pace of innovation. LISA is a methodology tool that organizes the innovation timeline in a structural and iterative way, from the initial idea through production. It also provides a project-steering method that helps to shorten deadlines and reduce the cost of introducing new products to the market, while boosting operational efficiency during production.



We are also recognized for our ability to roll out the most efficient production systems, featuring the latest technologies, in a pragmatic way. We are continuing our efforts in digital to develop the full potential of the Internet of Things and associated data platforms within our factories. Our vision of the Factory of the Future: 24/7 operation with self-regulating processes, monitored and corrected in real time to produce 100% compliant parts.


LOur expertise and innovation capacity at LISI AEROSPACE enables us to design and manufacture the industry’s leading fasteners.

Since developing the industry-leading HI-LITE™ and HI-LOK™ fasteners more than 40 years ago, LISI AEROSPACE has continued to develop and market a wide range of fasteners to meet the needs of its customers.

Our expertise in this area is rooted in:

Close proximity to our customers

Early understanding of their major issues

Active technology monitoring in our areas of expertise

A structured development approach, divided into stages

On this basis, our ability to generate and develop innovations sets us apart from our competitors in the market. Today, we have expanded this capacity beyond our traditional businesses to integrate all the expertise necessary to develop comprehensive solutions featuring installation equipment, robotics and integrated control systems.

Examples of our latest product innovations include:

OPTIBLIND™ blind fasteners and associated installation technologies

Fasteners with interference fit to protect against lightning strikes

Positive locking mechanisms for latches or structural axes

New EVERLOK™ lock nut technology with no groove

MONADPOST™ modular assembly systems for wire management

Structural components.

With its expertise in industrial procedures and working materials, LISI AEROSPACE is a leading driver of innovation in the field of structural components.

A long-time expert in metal-forming, LISI AEROSPACE has developed proprietary manufacturing processes and equipment perfectly adapted to the structural components market. Our technologies guarantee compliance with geometric requirements, while economizing raw materials, reducing weight and facilitating assembly tasks. Our expertise in advanced processes, together with our detailed understanding of customer needs, allows us to offer the right manufacturing solutions to ensure optimal costs and performance.

By working to optimize the entire product/production chain, we are able to find innovative solutions to overcome the technical or industrial obstacles specific to each part type.

Applications for the most common part families:

Metal leading edges for fan blades

Compressor blades

Aircraft canopies

Stiffeners and longerons for complex shapes

Air intake lipskins


Additive manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) is one of the latest manufacturing technologies deployed within the Group. This innovative process offers substantial gains by integrating functions (assembly reduction, ventilation or cooling channels) and shortening development times. Our ability to collaborate with customers’ design studios, combined with our rigorous and pragmatic industrial approach, sets us apart from our competition. This expertise has enabled us to mass produce air/water separators for aircraft air conditioning systems, antenna mounts for satellites, and power transmission crankcases for engines.

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