Along with the world’s famous OEMs (Airbus, Dassault, Embraer, Eurocopter, …), LISI Aerospace offers a wide range of cost-effective optimized latches:


Shear pin latches:

These latches are intended for shear application. Double shear pin, multiple pin latches are available.

A shear pin can be oriented either around the longitudinal or perpendicular main axis of the latch.


Shear/Tension latches:

They are used to secure light, medium and heavy duty hinged doors, panels and structures. They incorporate an over-center lock mechanism to provide a positive lock and resistance to opening under adverse operating conditions.
Designed for tension and shear load combinations encountered in stressed panels, where loads are carried through the door or panel.


Channel latches:

Ease of entry into frequently accessed panels, doors and hatches. Contrary to the push button latches, channel latches are limited to non-pressurized compartment access. Generally the load level carried by this type of latch is also lower than the push button latches.


Pressure relief latches:

Pressure relief door latches provide controlled, pressure sensitive release loads for pressure relief doors on cowls or thrust reversers. In several applications these doors also serve as access panels for servicing the aircraft. They can be opened by means of a manual tool. Release loads of 30 to 250 lbs can be achieved with these door latches. They can operate at temperatures ranging from -60°F to +900°F.


Hook latches and keepers:

Hook latches offer high reliability and quick access when mounted onto engine fan cowls or thrust reverser structures. Low profile latches can be used in restricted or reduced envelope environments and offer ease of closure. Hook latch static load capabilities range from 500 to 30,000 lbs and can operate at temperatures of up to 600°F.


Push buttons latches:

The simplified “button” release offers ease of manual operation, facilitating activation when maintenance is performed while hands are not free or when wearing heavy gloves.

Sealed push button latches enable quick-accessibility to pressurized compartment through access doors.


Passenger door locks & keepers:

Made of locks and keepers latches, door locks are used on helicopters and guarantee door releasing/secured locking. They are designed according to door type: swing doors or sliding doors. They also can be equipped with mechanical or electronic additional safety systems that indicate the position of the door (openor shut).


Flush Handles Latches:

The pop-up handle offers ease of actuation and stowage. These latches are mounted on the contour of the aircraft, pressure sealed and designed to withstand severe torquing on both one- and two-hand operating models.

The interior handle is optional and can be operated when the exterior handle is closed and in stowed position.

From standard designs or from customized technical requests, for military, commercial or general aviation, LISI AEROSPACE can develop your latches, managing the project from design to qualification. Our global approach encompasses the feasibility study, 3D design, optimization by finite elements analysis, industrialization, qualification tests, global product qualification and first article inspection.