Airframes, jet engines, helicopters: LISI AEROSPACE is strengthening its position as a leading manufacturer in these rapidly changing markets.



Air traffic, having increased by 4,5 % in 2019, continues to offer encouraging opportunities worldwide. As the market grows in Asia, fleet renewal needs and the search for more efficient aircraft are now driving demand. Several recent economic forecasts have confirmed this positive long-term trend.

Operating across the entire commercial aviation sector, we work closely with the engineering and logistics departments at major aerospace companies, such as AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER and EMBRAER. We are also the preferred partners of DASSAULT AVIATION, GULFSTREAM, CESSNA and LOCKHEED MARTIN, for whom we manufacture products designed for business and military aviation.

We design, manufacture and supply high-performance fasteners, as well as advanced structural components for new and proven aeronautics programs. As experts in highly technical products, we play a key role in manufacturing critical aircraft systems and parts.

To consolidate our positions in a rapidly changing market, we work to maintain a high level of investment.

Our advantages:

available industrial capacities

advanced manufacturing technologies

highly skilled teams

Moreover, we also maintain a commercial presence in China, Japan and Russia to take part in the transformations impacting the commercial aviation market.

Jet engines.

Jet engines represent a highly dynamic market that offers new challenges every year. It comprises commercial and military aircraft, helicopters and satellite rockets.

Including engine blades, crankcases, structural parts and air intake lips, LISI AEROSPACE components can be found in nearly every part of a jet engine.

Leading industrial companies trust us to design and manufacture highly technical products that offer superior reliability and performance:





The booming jet engine market offers many challenges to component manufacturers, as their products must operate efficiently at high temperatures, high rotation speeds and high pressure. In addition, new materials and complex part shapes contribute to the growing demands among companies in this sector.

This is a challenge we tackle through our permanent focus on excellence—at every stage, we seek to optimize our operational performance and boost productivity through automation and digital solutions. Ensuring quality execution, securing our operations and offering superior service to our customers remain our top priorities.


This is the number of orders remaining to deliver for the LEAP engine. LISI AEROSPACE produces fan leading edges, struts, outlet guide vanes and compressor blades. CFM International has seen its market share increase for its new best seller, which is set to replace the CFM56.


Driven by China opening its skies to new military contracts, the helicopter market is seeing a new era of growth. The civil and parapublic helicopter market alone is estimated to generate 370 billion euros over 2017-2036. To meet this demand, manufacturers need components that can offer security and operational performance.

As a major manufacturer of fasteners and structural components, LISI AEROSPACE is a supplier of reference for helicopter manufacturers. In this capacity, we provide helicopter manufacturers with parts that are critical for safety.

These parts include:

rotating swash plates


transmission shafts

tie rods

tail rotors

leading edges

Our clients include leading companies such as AIRBUS HELICOPTER, BELL, LEONARDO and SIKORSKY. They trust LISI AEROSPACE products to maintain the integrity and operational performance of their most advanced helicopters.