LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute (LKI).

At LISI AEROSPACE, we focus above all on advancement and flexibility. Every employee is empowered and has the latitude they need to carry out their assignments and develop their skills. Our corporate university, LKI, sets out to optimize the skills of our employees by enabling them to develop, interact and share, learn and innovate, and encourage a strong culture of teamwork within LISI.

LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute (LKI)

LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute (LKI).

Training represents a strategic priority for LISI AEROSPACE.

It enables our employees to maintain their employability and a skill level adapted to the fast pace of technological change in a highly competitive market. The training delivered at the LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute contributes to our aim of achieving the operational excellence our clients have come to expect.

Our Corporate University advances each employee’s development

We created our Corporate University, the LISI Knowledge Institute (LKI), in order to combine the various training programs existing within the Group’s three divisions.

LKI gives our employees access to tailored and rewarding training programs that are rooted in action. We encourage the exchange of best practices and experience through sessions made up of employees from several different sites, divisions, countries and businesses.

LKI’s mission is to give all employees an equal opportunity to succeed within the Group. It also gives each employee a chance to further explore their role and a range of advancement opportunities, so they can craft their own career.

A specific orientation program

Within LKI, we have also developed an orientation program for our executives, which aims to unite this community more effectively and facilitate exchange. The ARMSTRONG Program provides support during the first days of any newly hired or promoted executive by helping them discover how the company works, its culture, its core business and its staff.

The ARMSTRONG Program: a weeklong discovery of LISI AEROSPACE


working with a mentor starting from your arrival, for a duration of 4 months.

Orientation seminar:

5 days of meetings with management to learn about how the company works, its culture and its strategy.