Company and values.

Active since 1977 in the fastener market (No. 3 worldwide), LISI AEROSPACE has also been a recognized player in metal components for aircraft engines and airframes since 2011.

Company and values

Company and values.

LISI AEROSPACE is in the top 100 in the global aerospace value chain and specializes in the design and manufacture of high-tech metal components to enhance aircraft safety and performance. Active since 1950 in the fastener market (no. 3 worldwide), LISI AEROSPACE has been a recognized player in metal components for aircraft engines and airframes since 2011.

Our products feature in a majority of the world’s aircraft and at every stage in their life cycles. Serving more than 300 customers in 30 countries, our teams excel through their capacity to innovate and ensure exceptional operational performance.

Key figures for 2020.

in revenue
5 504

Striving for operational excellence.

With its dedication to industrial excellence, LISI AEROSPACE aims to become a leader in costs, quality, deadlines and workplace safety. This mindset is represented at every level of our company and by all of our team members. Our success is built on four foundational programs, which we teach through our LKI Corporate University:

LISI Excellence Achievement Program

LISI Innovation Standard Approach

Excellence Hygiene Safety Environment

Controlling Operating System

4 core values in our DNA.



At LISI AEROSPACE, we are committed to bringing together teamwork, innovation and performance, every day.



Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, we are always working to improve our products and processes, through a long-term industrial innovation strategy.


Customer focus.

Our mission is to offer our customers the innovative products and competitive processes they need to excel in their fields. Practical and proactive, we regularly anticipate and exceed their expectations.



We build all relationships with stakeholders on a foundation of honesty, transparency and candor. We are a trusted, reliable and 100% flexible partner.

Innovation as an engine.

Our capacity for innovation sets us apart in a continually evolving market. Our priority is to develop technological components that enable our customers to offer high-performance products. For example, we offer:

structural blind fasteners for more competitive assembly;

a single process for manufacturing leading edges for propeller blades in new high-performance engines;

additive manufacturing to produce new designs at minimal cost;

eco-compatible surface coatings;

product and process optimization through digital simulation;

digitalization of our plants and support functions.


Health, safety, environment: our commitment.

We have made on-the-job health and safety, as well as protecting the environment, our top priorities. Across all our activities and everywhere around the world, we foster the same culture of safety, rooted in 6 principles:


evaluating processes, controlling risks, adapting behaviors


following laws and regulations

Continuous improvement:

measuring performance, best practices


everyone has a role to play


a culture of dialogue, listening, awareness


reducing the impact of our activities on the environment

The secret to our success: our talented people.

At LISI AEROSPACE, we focus above all on advancement and flexibility. Every employee is empowered and has the latitude they need to carry out their assignments and develop their skills. We provide this mobility and training through our Corporate University, the LISI Knowledge Institute (LKI). As a result, our company is growing fast and always welcoming new talents.