HI-LOK™ and HI-LITE™ Nuts and Collars.


LISI nut and collars products are designed to fit with their related HI-LOK™/HI-TIGUE™ and HI-LITE™ pins. Collars’ wrenching element is designed to break-away at a controlled preload. It has been tested over time and has proven its reliability when installed with non-torque-controlled tools.


  • Controlled preload for collars
  • Wide variety of materials and coatings for installation in all structures
  • Shear or tension applications, with captive washer, self-aligning or self-sealing option
  • Limited access installation, using conventional tooling
  • Designed with a counterbore to fit nominal and oversized pins


Single-hex collars Double-hex collars Nuts Features
Plain and slope surface up to 0.5°
Slope surface up to 7°

Single hex collars: maximum weight saving, tamper proof installation without the use of special tools

Double hex collars: removable, allow two-step tightening, e.g. for sealant squeezing out

Nutsallow customized torque and preload, low height design for low access areas

HI-LOK™ nuts and collars are designed to fit HI-LOK™ and HI-TIGUE™ pins.
HI-LITE™ nuts and collars are designed to fit HI-LITE™, PULL-IN™, PULL-STEM™ and TAPER HI-LITE™ pins


Licensed manufacturers.

In order to provide the best quality for our products, HI-LITE™ and HI-LOK™ nuts and collars are only manufactured by licensed suppliers. A supplier list can be found here: licensed manufacturers

HI-LITE™ nuts configurator.

HI-LOK™ nuts configurator.