Spacers are used throughout the aerospace industry to secure wiring, tubing, and ducting away from the aircraft structure. LISI AEROSPACE product line addresses all applications used in aircraft assembly.


  • High strength with vertical and side load capability
  • Versatility with the option of having the insert installed at either end of the spacer
  • Wide range of configurations, mounting base options, thread sizes, and lengths
  • Superior resistance to stresses caused by high vibration
  • Special configurations in heavy duty designs, clip-on and adhesive mount spacers

Product Selection.

One-piece spacers

Provide the strength and lightness of forged aluminum and the security of self-locking stainless steel inserts. This product is also available in both right-angle and vertical versions. Special configurations, such as heavy duty stainless steel spacer plates and flange spacers are also available.

Two-piece aluminum non-threaded spacers

Used in conjunction with mating self-locking nuts and available for No. 10 or ¼ bolts.

Clip-on spacers

Available for use on a wide variety of aluminum stringers. This product is typically used for fastening air conditioning ducts, thermal blankets, wiring harnesses or decorative panels.

Adhesive mount spacers

Thin aluminum plate and nylon spacer. A variety of adhesives provide compatibility for mounting on a wide variety of surface textures and materials.