Rivet squeezers.


LISI AEROSPACE designs, manufactures and provides a full range of standard and specialized tools to install solid rivets: alligator jaws, C-YOKES riveters and manual approach rivet squeezers are the main concepts we propose today.


  • complete service from the analysis of your technical needs to the supply of a customized tool and related training
  • hydraulic power units and ram force limiters option for improved safety

Our offer.

LISI AEROSPACE’s technical sales’ team is available to help you define the appropriate tooling solution:

  • Definition of your assembly constraints with our technical chart to make a specification with all your expectations: weight and dimensions, rivet material, squeezing force, protective coating, bench mounting and more
  • Design of the optimal solution meeting your need and supplying of 3D models which can be integrated into your CAD system
  • A technical proposal is handed to you, which gives you the detailed squeezer features. Once validated, we ensure cost-effective manufacturing and on-time delivery.