ASTER™ System



The ASTER™ system offers the best performance in torque capability for one-sided installation threaded fastener systems.
The specific geometry is designed to reduce radial stress in the fastener providing higher torque transmission, while simultaneously allowing the recess depth reduction.
Installation issues encountered with hexagonal hold systems, such as hex recess wear and damages situation, are resolved without impacting fastener performance.

The new patented ASTER™ hold five-lobe system has been developed to eliminate installation problems associated with clearance-fit or transition fit applications by sustaining higher torque than the conventional hex recess for one-side assembly threaded fasteners.
The ASTER™ system is particularly suitable for composites thanks to the high torque capability.


The ASTER™ system provides a secured assembly process due to higher torque capability and increased ultimate torque without impacting fastener structural performance.
The design of the recess also allows an easy engagement of the tool, even rotating, while insuring that no debris remains stuck in the recess in case of tool failure.


Complete solution

Tampons ASTER.jpgLISI AEROSPACE guarantee the quality and the reliability of the ASTER™ technology thanks to a license, which gives customers qualified products through authorized manufacturers who are already experts in the manufacturing of fasteners or tools.
We ensures the integrity of the system through the final inspection using dedicated gages, and specific support to respond to all requests.

The system is already implemented on Sleeve TAPER HI-LITE™ bolts and HI-LITE™ pins, and available on the market.

Fasteners with the ASTER™ recess
Learn more about our new fasteners, dedicated to composite assemblies:
Sleeve TAPER HI-LITE™ pins
HI-LITE™ pins with ASTER™ recess

Automatic drivers, powertool and all necessary tooling to install the fasteners that feature the ASTER™recess are available in a variety of dimensions to suit your needs:

  • ASTER™ Bits for automatic drivers

Control Box.jpg        embout.jpg        AsterTools4.jpg

  • ASTER™ L shape keys & bits supports

Aster tools  Aster tools

Fastener diameter​s​ ASTER™ Code
​1/32" ​Nominal (inch) Nominal (mm)
​5 ​5/32 ​4,17 ​A5L-05
​6 3/16 ​4,83 ​A5L-06
7 7/32 5,49 ​A5L-07
8 1/4 6,35 ​A5L-08
10 5/16 ​7,94 ​A5L-10
​12 3/8 9,53 ​A5L-12
​14 7/16 11,11 ​A5L-14
​16 1/2 ​12,70 ​A5L-16
18 9/16 14,29 ​A5L-18
20 5/8 ​15,88 ​A5L-20
​24 3/4 19,05 ​A5L-24
​28 7/8 ​22,23 ​A5L-28
32 1 ​25,40 ​A5L-32
Qualified tooling suppliers

LISI AEROSPACE manages a licensing and qualification system to ensure constant performances and quality control of the end products using the ASTER™ system. Several well known tooling suppliers are already licensed to produce and supply tooling equipment integrating the ASTER™ system.

Sleeve TAPER HI-LITE and HI-LITE are trademarks of Hi-Shear Corporation.
ASTER is a trademark of Blanc Aero Industries.
A5L is a trademark of LISI AEROSPACE.