Blind Fasteners

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Blind fastener systems are used where the structure design or the assembly sequence does not allow access from both sides of the assembly. This product family can be split into two main categories: blind nuts, and blind bolts or blind rivets.
The blind nut is a fastener element, with a female thread installed from one side into a structure, which later in the assembly process will receive a bolt.
Blind bolts are definitive blind fasteners allowing assembly from one side. They are widely used for closed structures such as ailerons, flaps and spoilers where the thickness of the structure box does not grant access from the back side.

ELLIP-NUT™ Blind Nuts:


The ELLIP-NUT™ system is the smartest solution to install a structural thread in a composite or metallic airframe element. Several technologies have been implemented in a highly engineered one piece element, which provides an elliptical head for torque resistance, large bulb for installation without damage and a high strength self-locking thread. The ELLIP-NUT™ technology is particularly suitable where the fatigue criticality of the sub-structure does not allow holes to be drilled for the installation of conventional nut plates. The ELLIP-NUT™ system is also optimal for installation in composite structures due to its large footprint and non aggressive anti-rotation features. Technical support and tooling solutions for elliptical countersunk preparations are provided by LISI AEROSPACE as well as hydraulic tooling to install the ELLIP-NUT™ fasteners onto the sub structure.

BN Blind Nuts:


The BN Blind Nut is a simple and robust solution to provide a thread, designed as a two component system combining a high strength threaded expander with a choice of sleeve in multiple materials and shapes depending on the targeted application. The BN Blind Nut installation is suitable instead of conventional nut plates where a closed structure does not allow access from the back or where the fatigue criticality of the sub-structure in fatigue does not allow holes to be drilled for the installation of conventional nut plates. Technical support and hydraulic tooling solutions to install the BN Blind Nuts onto the sub-structure are also provided by LISI AEROSPACE.

BB Blind Bolts:


The LISI AEROSPACE family of BB blind bolts delivers valuable solutions for most blind fastening needs. The concept of two component sleeve and expanders allows a wide variety of head style and material combinations, providing reasonable manufacturing diversity. The core bolt, similar to conventional bolts and the expander are simple and robust elements providing reliable high strength capability to the system. As for the BN Blind Nuts and ELLIP-NUT™ products, a variety of tooling solutions is also available for the installation of BB Blind Bolts.

ELLIP-NUT™ is a trademark of Blanc Aero Industries