Covid-19 information and implemented actions

Covid-19 information and implemented actions

Executive commentary, Emmanuel Neildez

” Our action obviously and as a priority relates to the protection of our employees and their families. After a short break used to establish the safest practices in our factories, production has resumed in a reduced format, but real, on a voluntary basis in order to support the residual demand of our customers, and be ready as soon as the situation will justify it. While being vigilant about short-term cash flow, I am convinced that we will be able to adapt as we have known during previous crises, and that we will be able to maintain our leadership in our field ”.


Implemented actions

Volunteering, social distancing, taking the temperature, wearing mask, disinfection, quarantine, the arsenal of necessary measures was defined and deployed with the support of Workers Councils and Occupational Medicine Bodies in all our factories and with respect guidelines from each country. This system has been supplemented by audits in order to guarantee everyone the correct application of these provisions. A Listening Unit is operational so that everyone can confidentially find an answer to their personal questions during this particularly stressful period.


We are also in daily contact with our customers in order to best manage their requests, satisfy priorities, and anticipate demand in the coming months.

As stakeholders in our local environments, many factories have shared their endowments in Personal Protective Equipments with the Health establishments of their ecosystem.


Despite all these measures, the future remains difficult to read, and it is our capacity for resilience and adaptation that will make the difference: a Crisis Committee at the Division level mobilizes the Executive Committee every morning from 8:00 am and its equivalent is held every evening at 6:00 p.m. at the LISI Group level with General Management.


We are long lasting organized to listen to our employees, to serve our customers, reactive to the slightest development of this global crisis, and to confront as much as it will be necessary to defeat the Covid 19.

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Covid-19 information and implemented actions.

Our action obviously and as a priority relates to the protection of our employees…

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