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Blades & Vanes


LISI AEROSPACE is a key player amongst compressor blades & vanes manufacturers. Modern jet engines are complex, and thanks to our decades in the industry, we have developed unparalleled expertise in forging and machining these complex components, for which accuracy is paramount. In line with our customers’ ever-changing needs, we now manufacture increasingly complex airfoils, such as variable stator vanes which are keys to fine-tuning jet engines performances. We provide a complete vertical integration service, since we forge, machine and finish the parts in order to deliver a finished product to our customers.

Our plants in Bologne and Marmande are renowned for their expertise in forging blades and vanes, while our plants in Parthenay and Rzeszów are dedicated to machining and finishing.
We also forge engine disks and impellers blanks for helicopter engines placing right in the core of the engine.


Bearings & other rotating parts


As jet engines increasingly operate at higher speeds, it is crucial that they are equipped with high-end bearings and rotating parts to ensure seamless rotation. LISI AEROSPACE is a key player in the manufacturing of inner and outer rings for roller bearings, as well as other rotating parts. The latter category includes labyrinth seals, which are paramount for preventing oil leakage.

LISI AEROSPACE’ plant located in Bar-sur-Aube is responsible for manufacturing these parts, beginning with the creation of high-quality forgings, which are then machined and finished.


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