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Fan Blades, Leading edges & Cones


LISI AEROSPACE is a key player amongst fan blades manufacturers as we deliver fan blades made of titanium for regional jet engines as well as military jet engines. We are also the world leader in manufacturing metallic leading edges in order to protect composite fan blades against bird and hail strike. Thanks to a unique manufacturing process developed by our plant located in Marmande, we have been delivering for many years leading edges for almost every civil jet engine using composite fan blades.

We also manufacture cones, which are installed in front of the fan blades in order to ensure smooth airflow. We also specialize in painting cones with the critical spiral pattern which is designed to show airport operators that the engine is running.


OGV & Struts


LISI AEROSPACE is an expert in manufacturing outlet guide vanes (OGV) and struts. We understand the importance of making these parts, which are key for ensuring the sturdiness of jet engines, as light and resistant as possible. Our dedicated production lines offer a complete service, from forging parts to machining and finishing them. Our expertise in this field is recognized by leading engine manufacturers worldwide.

Our plant located in Bologne manufactures the forgings, which are then machined in our plant located in Parthenay.


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