Accessories & Equipment.

Engine mounts & fittings


Many different fittings are required in order to connect various pieces of equipment to the engine as well as to attach an engine to the pylon. LISI AEROSPACE is a supplier of engine mounts and fittings for several major engine manufacturers, who rely on us to provide sturdy and dependable parts which offer maximum reliability.

The solutions that we offer cover an array of different sizes, geometries, and raw materials to answer our customers’ needs, from fittings linking the gearbox to the engine casing, to engine mounts connecting the engine to the aircraft.


Power transmissions


Over the last few years, LISI AEROSPACE has been increasingly manufacturing gears and gearbox components for jet engines. The gearbox being one of the most critical parts of an engine, our customers trust us to manufacture top-of-the-range, reliable parts.

We forge both spur gears and bevel gears, and we are also equipped with a dedicated machining line in order to pre-machine or semi-finish these critical components. We also manufacture casings or covers for engine accessories gearbox or helicopter power transmission boxes.
Our plant located in Bar-sur-Aube is our center of excellence for gears while our Bologne plant can supply wide variety or forged casing or covers.


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