François-Xavier du Cleuziou will manage LISI AEROSPACE’s structural component activity

François-Xavier du Cleuziou will manage LISI AEROSPACE’s structural component activity.

LISI AEROSPACE is pleased to announce the appointment of François-Xavier du Cleuziou as Senior Vice President General Manager of the Structural Components Business Group, as of January 1st, 2020.

François-Xavier is a graduate of ESSCA and IFG Executive Management. He joined LISI AEROSPACE in 1991, where he held several sales positions in France and the United States. François-Xavier has been Senior Vice President Customers of LISI AEROSPACE for more than ten years.

The merger of the hot forming, forging and additive manufacturing activities within the Structural Components Business Group will strengthen industrial synergies and make LISI AEROSPACE a key supplier in this field of activity. François-Xavier du Cleuziou and his teams will bring the Structural Components Business Group to the highest level of operational excellence expected in the aerospace industry today.


François-Xavier du Cleuziou, Senior Vice President General Manager of Structural Components Business Group.

“With the know-how of the teams in place and LISI AEROSPACE’s industrial vision, we have all the assets we need to create a world champion in the field of metal components for aircraft engines and aerostructures.”



Emmanuel Neildez, Chief Executive Officer of LISI AEROSPACE.

“Thanks to his experience within LISI AEROSPACE and his knowledge of the industry, supported by committed teams who master the LISI Group’s transformation tools, François-Xavier du Cleuziou has all the assets for this new challenge.”

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