1st prize won at the 24 hours Innovation®

On November 14th and 15th, our engineers from LACE – LISI AEROSPACE Cargo Equipment – participated in the 24H Innovation®, organized by Aérocentre.

Have you heard of the 24H Innovation® event?

The 24H of Aeronautical Innovation® brings together students, engineers, professionals and innovators in the same place to work on aeronautical topics. Teams are created at the start of the event and participants have 24 hours to develop innovative solutions in response to themes and topics proposed by the companies in the sector, which are also unveiled at the opening ceremony.

What happened during the 24 hours? – it was a day full of emotion.


Presentation of the problem to the students.

“Drone transport solution: load hooking means”; design a reliable and multipurpose load hooking system allowing drones to move and drop loads ranging from 100 kg to one tonne in less than a second. The subject was proposed by Mathieu Parmentier, Design Project Manager at LACE.


Creation of the team.

Around 3PM, the team takes shape, the “Aéro-crocheurs” composed of students from different engineering schools in Châteauroux, Blois, Orléans, Tours and Biarritz.


Subject discovery phase.

Studies of existing solutions, implementation of specifications and planning.


Brainstorming workshop.

Around 11PM, after thoughts and doubts, the team defines the best solution to answer the subject: a kind of pincer.


Testing phase.

A series of tests is done to validate their choice; various prototypes are made using 3D printers, laser cutting and DIY equipment.


Consolidation phase.

After a sleepless night, in the early morning, the team does strength calculations, develops a prototype on a scale of 3:1 and performs some functional tests. The rest of the morning is devoted to preparing the presentation, which will be before a jury of industrialists from the region.


Final presentation.

A 3 minute presentation where the students brilliantly defend their project.


Deliberation and victory!.

The “Aéro-crocheurs” team wins the 1st prize and dedicates the victory to LACE.

LACE is proud of its first participation and the victory of the “Aéro-crocheurs” in the 24H Innovation®, allowing them to exchange with future engineers and win a preliminary project for a heavy load hanging solution for drones (growing sector). The “Aéro-crocheurs” team is a great team that managed to apply their collective intelligence and come up with a truly innovative solution! Well done.


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