LISI AEROSPACE Structural Components is actively involved in the helicopter market, supplying various components such as :

  • Critical forgings for gears,
  • Metal leading edges for blades,
  • Fixed and mobile blades for the rear rotor
  • Various sheet metal worked components for the structure as well as sub-assemblies
  • Power transmission tubes
  • Main rotor blade sleeves or and swashplates
  • Cargo hooks

This range of products comes along with those supplied by LISI AEROSPACE Fasteners (standard parts and drawn parts for safety and critical applications).

When it comes to innovation, LISI AEROSPACE Structural Components offers a Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) consisting of a base of aluminum alloy, the matrix, the ductility of which is altered by the addition of ceramic particles. These MMCs have been developed within the framework of European research programs, in partnership with major industrial concerns in the aerospace and defense sectors.