Temporary Fasteners

Whether you’re considering simple clamping, sealant or liquid shim squeeze out and drying, pre-load retaining, gap measurement, drilling template holding, metal or composite sheets clamping through a drilling template, LISI AEROSPACE has developed pre-assembly concepts considered as references by the major actors of the aerospace industry.

Pre assemblyPre assembly

Over the years, LISI AEROSPACE has built a unique range of temporary fasteners and their associated tools worldwide. Using the know-how of the most recognized pneumatic or battery motor manufacturers, LISI AEROSPACE masters and proposes the torque control concept and so guarantees the efficiency of pre-assembly then definitive fasteners' installation.
The technical field support engineers of LISI AEROSPACE are well-trained in assembly techniques. There’s one close to you to help you choose the best solutions from our standard equipment or to create specific means to satisfy your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Pre assembly Pre assembly