Installation Tooling

The LISI AEROSPACE tooling division built its success over years of collaboration with the largest OEMs in the aircraft, helicopter and engine worlds. Our technical sales team covers Europe, North America as well as China, India and Russia. Wherever you are, we are nearby and ready to propose efficient assembly solutions for your projects in a timely manner.

Our tooling activity is managed through a team of experienced people spread between our facility, our R&D department and our sales team. This experience was built together with the major aircraft and helicopter manufacturers, their maintenance teams, their R&D experts and shop floor workers. As a result :

Fasteners installation tools
  • Our products are designed, developed and manufactured taking into account all constraints such as restricted access of the assembly zones, raw material of the assembly structures or local workshops’ health and safety regulations.
  • Our sales team is close to your facilities and benefits from the right methodologies to translate your needs into an existing solution or development proposal within acceptable deadlines.

Our tooling range today encompasses rivet squeezers, hydraulic supply, removal tools, hydraulic guns, drivers and related installation monitoring systems. More than providing a catalog of products, the goal of the tooling department is to support customers in their assembly challenges and to develop appropriate solutions.

Fasteners installation toolsFasteners installation toolsFasteners installation tools ​​