Lightning Strike Protection

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HI-KOTE™ Stripes
LISI AEROSPACE has developped a new coating technology, in order to offer a light and reliable protection to composite strucutres against lightning strikes. This technology is is based on our HI-KOTE™ 1NC coating, and is compatible with our current range of HI-LITE™, PULL-IN™ and PULL-STEM™ pins.

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Sleeve TAPER HI-LITE™ Pins
Sleeved fastener technology is mainly used where high conductivity and resistance to lightning strikes is required in structures such as composites where direct interference installation in impossible. Use of a sleeve, inserted with clearance into the structure hole allows radial expansion by insertion of a core bolt, providing a controlled expansion in the structure without detrimental axial friction.

The STL™ fastener system has been designed for structural assembly of highly loaded composite or hybrid structures subject to lightning strikes. This unique sleeved fastener concept provides both high mechanical performances and ergonomic installation in restricted access areas. STL™ is used as a clearance fit fastener in conventional structure holes and is installed with a driver in a one step operation ensuring both sleeve controlled expansion and preload installation. LISI AEROSPACE has developed a range of pin head styles and materials as well as specific STARLITE™ titanium nuts for more critical needs. Thanks to its fast and easy installation the STL™ fastener is also used in metallic structures as an alternative to taper shank bolts, avoiding complex taper hole drilling and control and ensuring equal or higher fatigue resistance to the structure. To maximize the gains on assembly lines provided by the STL™, we also provide a range of installation tooling solutions and control gages for a fast and reliable installation of this high technology product.

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STL and STARLITE are trademarks of LISI AEROSPACE.
TAPER HI-LITE is a trademark of HI SHEAR Corporation.