Safety locking

​​​​​​​​LISI AEROSPACE provides latches, expandable bolts and quick release pins to the aerospace industry, as part of the safety locking product portfolio. Over the last 10 years, LISI AEROSPACE has developed its fastening systems range to encompass small mechanisms that quickly and structurally assemble elements of aircraft structure which will be frequently dismounted or opened depending on the situation.

Safety lockingSafety locking

LISI AEROSPACE regularly makes significant investments in the facilities dedicated to these product lines, strengthening its position of key leader on the market with the right available resources and consolidated know-how; it is LISI AEROSPACE's objective to support technical and sourcing challenges faced by the aerospace market.

Our historical quick release pins have been a standard product of both tooling and airborne applications for more than 20 years. Our latches product range covers many standard channel, push-button, hook, tension/shear or pressure relief applications and we are developing many new technical kinematic systems to answer nacelle and helicopter manufacturers' latest constraints.

Safety lockingSafety locking

Our expandable bolt concept is triggering increasing interest amongst our customers and we have been strongly solicited over recent years. With the support of our experienced and dedicated team, we provide alternative designs to markets that have long been sole sourced and propose new technical systems and solutions for the most recent developments or the latest composite structures.