Shaft nut

To improve the market offer on shaft nuts, LISI AEROSPACE is developing a wide range of solutions in steel and stainless steels, covering so far all diameters requested by the market, from 3/16” (4,82mm) to 4” (101.6mm) today.

Shaft nut Shaft nut

These nuts are commonly used to lock bearings in position on rotating shafts, whatever the conditions of use, and therefore offer a self-locking feature to withstand vibrations and temperature. Our shaft nuts can be mechanically crimped or be supplied with a polyimide inserts; they benefit from our historical expertise on lubrication and silver plating application as well as from our quality expertise both in terms of customer specifications knowledge and controlling capabilities.

Our shaft nuts are today used at a broad range of customers; they are controlled according to each of customer’s expectations and packaged accordingly also.