Self aligning Nut

Self aligning nut

LISI AEROSPACE manufactures all self-aligning nut configurations for the aerospace industry. We can forge or machine all geometries in use in the sector today or for tomorrow's designs. We cover all raw material possibilities from alloy steel to Waspaloy™, in all diameters, metric or imperial, and we offer a complete range of self-locking solutions including polymer ring or mechanical deformation.

Self-aligning nuts are made of two components: a nut with a convex base which fits a special washer. This system is necessary when the two sides of the assembly are not parallel. Typically the self-aligning nuts are designed to adapt a 5% slope on the nut side.


Self aligning nutSelf aligning nut Self aligning nut

To meet the most recent challenges of the industry in terms of fuel efficiency, green environmental constraints or production ramp-ups, we have developed the STARLITE™ product line, for installation on our STL™, HI-LOK™ and HI-LITE™ standard. STARLITE™ nuts are already in use in different configurations across the most recent aerospace industry programs.

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