Plain Nuts

Plain nutLISI AEROSPACE manufactures all nut configurations for the aerospace industry. We can forge or machine all geometries that the market uses today or will design tomorrow. We cover all raw material possibilities from alloy steel to Waspaloy™, within all diameters, in metric or imperial, and we offer a complete range of self-locking solutions including polymer ring or mechanical deformation.
To meet the most recent challenges of the industry in terms of fuel efficiency, green environmental constraints or production ramp-ups, we have developed the STARLITE™ product line, for installation on our STL™, HI-LOK™ and HI-LITE™ standard. STARLITE™ nuts are already used in their different configurations in the most recent aerospace industry programs. Over the years LISI AEROSPACE has developed a reputation for cost effective and field proven quality nuts. In the engine world, where most part numbers are customer designed, we have been solicited on a continuously growing list of products and our dedication to keeping up with demand has placed us in a leading position to accompany our customers’ growth.

HI-LOK™, HI-LITE™ is a trademark of HI SHEAR Corporation
STARLITE™ is a trademark of LISI AEROSPACE
Waspaloy™ is a trademark of United Technology Corporation