Blade locks


Recently LISI AEROSPACE has developed a range of special nuts to improve the general offering to the market, both in terms of available quality sources and in term of cost effectiveness.
Blade locking systems fall into this category. Our experience has allowed our engineers to interface with customer engineering to provide input from a manufacturer’s standpoint to promote designs which are easier to produce and more cost effective.

Blade lock ​​​​​​Blade lock

These blade locks, also called pagoda nuts by some customers, are available under a broad range of materials and size:

  • Materials: A286, INCONEL™, INCOLOY™, WASPALOY™
  • Size: 5/32" (4,16mm) to 5/16” (7.92mm)

These kinds of parts are used in sections of engines where temperatures can reach more than 650°C.

Our manufacturing expertise in areas involving crimping and lubricating (with silver plating for example), ensure that required tightening tests and self-locking torque measurements (all conducted internally) will result in high first pass yields.

We manage today multiple customer specifications to ensure the conformance of our products and we package them in accordance with our customer’s expectations.

INCONEL is a registered trademark of Special Metals Corporation.
WASPALOY is a registered trademark of United Technologies Corporation.