Insulation blanket fasteners


Insulation blanketsInsulation blanket fasteners are used throughout the aerospace industry and are designed to secure insulation blankets to the aircraft’s stringers, frames or structures.Insulation fasteners come in two main options: penetrating & non-penetrating. The penetrating fastener creates a small hole in the blanket; a disc component is placed onto the stud which compresses the blanket and completes the assembly. The non-penetrating fastener does not pierce the blanket but “clips” it to the structure. Both systems are easy to install and are available in various configurations. They are both offered with non-metallic and metallic material options. The metallic fasteners comply with FAR25.856 (b) fire resistance standards. The insulation blanket fasteners can be attached to the aircraft structure by adhesion or are clipped on. A variety of adhesives provide compatibility for mounting on a wide variety of surface textures and materials.

Main Features and Benefits
  • Easy to install with a wide range of insulation blanket fastener configurations available.
  • Insulation blanket fasteners available in non-metallic and metallic materials.
  • Metallic insulation blanket fasteners meet FAR25.856 (b) rstandards.
  • Non-penetrating fastener eliminates the need to pierce the insulation blanket
    ((reduces the amount of moisture accumulated & resulting weight increase over time).
Product Selection

Insulation Blanket Fasteners are categorized as follows (non-metallic and metallic):

  • Spring clip
  • Stud, Bond-On (1 & 2 Piece config.
  • Stud, “Ball Strip” using adhesives or assembled with a spring clip
  • Stud, Bond-On (1 & 2 Piece config.)
  • Push-thru-Pin (1 & 2 piece config.)