Fasteners Technologies

LISI AEROSPACE offers a wide variety of fastening systems, including several of the most significant innovations in the aircraft fastener world such as the HI-LOK™ and HI-LITE™ systems. We also employ our expertise in developing and marketing innovative technologies which provide fastening systems with superior technical performances.

HI-KOTE™ coatings technology

The HI-KOTE™ coatings family is one example of fastener technology developed by HI-SHEAR more than 30 years ago to bring high performance and low manufacturing costs to fastener systems.

coatingsThis unique LISI AEROSPACE expertise is built on combining knowledge of fasteners and investing in coating chemistry and application processes, resulting in the most efficient coatings in the aerospace fasteners' industry. Empowered by this asset and considering the latest environmental regulations, LISI AEROSPACE has been working on new chemicals to replace chromates used in all legacy coatings since the early 21st century. After more than eight years of intensive research we are now proud to offer new “green” coatings to the market: HI-KOTE 1™ NC and HI-KOTE™ 4 NC deliver high performance and compliance with environmental legislation and are the worthy successors of our world renowned HI-KOTE™ 1 and HI-KOTE™ 2 coatings.

ASTER™ driving system Technology

For decades, we were concerned by pin end hex recess or key failures that may occur when using one sided installation of legacy fastening systems such as HI-LITE™ pins.

driving systemThe increasing use of composite structures and titanium nuts highlighted this issue so it became urgent to provide a robust hold solution to the market. Looking for a higher torque capability and considering fastener manufacturing constraints, LISI AEROSPACE has found and designed a unique innovative recess concept known as the ASTER™ system. This technology, already implemented on a range of new products for composite applications, like the STL™ fastener, has also been introduced on the HI-LOK™ and HI-LITE™ legacy product families. It brings them a unique competitive advantage by being the simplest, most robust and versatile choice available for assemblies on all metallic, hybrid and composite structures. The ASTER technology is easy to implement on all one sided installation threaded systems becoming the new standard for pin threaded end recess. The necessary tooling, either manual or power driven, is also available.

Offering the best fastener technologies on the market

These leading technologies are of course implemented on our proprietary fastener lines, but their success and the need for standardization expressed by our customers led us to also offer them on the market. Along with our technical support and distribution performed by LISI AEROSPACE, a licensing system ensures sustainable quality control and best performance to end customers. The HI-KOTE™ coatings as well as the ASTER™ system trademarks are there to guarantee that you will get the best performances from the fastener you are using.

HI-KOTE, HI-LITE and HI-LOK are trademarks of HI SHEAR Corporation.
ASTER is a trademark of Blanc Aero Industries.​​