Tie rods / Shear Axis


Tie rods and shear pins are generally considered critical parts. They are used in dynamic applications to play the vital role of maintaining the integrity of the assembly they secure. They provide a bearing surface which allows for movement of the retained elements as well as maintaining correct radial and axial alignment/spacing. They sustain high level of constraints, both in shear (for shear pins mainly) and tension (for tie rods) applications.

This high-end product holds a symbolic place within the LISI AEROSPACE product range. It represents our commitments in terms of integrity and quality for our day to day manufacturing operations. Our customers’ orders for these technically demanding fasteners, (customer designed generally), are a great sign of their trust in our organization. We are proud of this trust.

The proven reliability of our products associated to our highly skilled manufacturing capabilities and employees is a trademark of LISI AEROSPACE. Whether for a helicopter rotor, the shafts and tie rods of a small aircraft engine or engine mounts within a commercial aircraft, LISI AEROSPACE is present and manufactures such products today within its facilities, in all diameters and raw materials.

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