The stud product line encompasses traditional double ended studs as well as more technical studs with complex shouldered shanks or “locked-in” solutions. Some of the studs' configurations are part of the greatest fastening solutions that can be found in the aerospace market, most often on the engine side.
studTwenty years ago LISI AEROSPACE developed a product line dedicated to a specific stud configuration: key and ring “locked-in” studs. They brought, and still bring, an unmatched reliability and ease of installation onto our customers' shop floors. Our studs come with a self-broaching option that allows assembly in Inconel™, titanium, stainless steel or aluminum structures. The product range covers all possible diameters, in both imperial and metric, and is adapted to all national and international standards. The studs can be made out of the standard variety of aerospace materials, including corrosion and heat-resistant steels, titanium, and Inconel™.
studIn addition to this specific cost effective product line, LISI AEROSPACE manufactures standard double ended studs for the aerospace industry. Over the years, we have also industrialized many engine customer designed part numbers with specific shank shapes to fit complex stacking. We also propose studs with high mechanical characteristics to suit highly solicited airframe component structures in the airframe world.

Inconel™ is a trademark of Special Metal Corporation.