Externally Threaded

Product range
  • Bolts & Screws: regular bolts and screws for multi-purpose use (engines, structure, etc.)
  • Pins for one side installation: for structural assemblies, including HI-LITE™ pins, PULL-STEM™ pins and more.
  • Studs
  • Tie Rods & Shear Axis
New Products
Learn more about our latest product ranges to help you accomadate new challenges for assemblies, such as composite structures
HI-LITE™ Renewal pins, made for composite structures
PULL-IN™ and PULL-STEM™ pins for interference fit applications

Externally fastenersLISI AEROSPACE benefits from the success of world-renowned brands, such as the HI-LOK™ and HI-LITE™. These two standards are broadly used today in the airframe world and were originally developed by HI-SHEAR Corporation, which now forms part of LISI AEROSPACE.

Following on from the success of these legacy products, LISI AEROSPACE developed a complimentary range, known as PULL-IN™/PULL-STEM™ products, which are more frequently being used on the latest airframe structures due to the improved mechanical properties they provide.

Externally fastenersIn the engine world, LISI AEROSPACE is also a preferred source of supply for many aerospace market standards, among which 12 point or hexagonal bolts in INCONEL® 718, WASPALOY® and many other raw materials. As a historical partner of engine manufacturers, LISI AEROSPACE has participated in the development of the most challenging fasteners in extremely restricted environments for engine applications.

Generally speaking LISI AEROSPACE's externally threaded fastener portfolio covers all different​ categories in the industry: screws, bolts, pins, lockbolts, studs, axes and tie rods, all of which are achievable today in various head and shank shapes to answer your specific application.

As one of the industry’s leading innovators, we are constantly developing new solutions for applications and we can claim with confidence that we are meeting the most current needs of the industry, such as lightening strike protection (LSP) and critical components for rotor blades.

Lightning Strike Protection
Discover our technologies to protect your aircraft against lightning strikes.
Sleeve TAPER-HI-LITE™ pins for composite structures

HI-LOK, HI-LITE, PULL-IN and PULL-STEM are trademarks of Hi-Shear Corporation.
INCONEL is a trademark of Special Metal Corporation.
WASPALOY is a trademark of United Technology Corp.