Swaged Collars


A swaged collar is a metallic component to use with either lockbolts or threaded pins. Each lockbolt or threaded pin has its dedicated swaged collar.

Swaged collar

The swaged collar installation sequence requires a specific tool and swaging nose. Swage collars can be used on a sloped structure without affecting system performance.

Swaged collar

Material and collar configuration depend on the final application onto the structure:

  • For installation on metallic components, aluminum anodized collars are recommended for weight optimization.
Swaged collar
  • For installation on composite components, titanium flanged collars should be used to preserve composite integrity and avoid galvanic corrosion.
Swaged collar
  • Shape: straight or flanged
  • Material: Monel , titanium , aluminum
  • Surface treatment: anodizing , alodine , dry film lube, aluminum pigmented coating