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LISI AEROSPACE manufactures legacy products as per the highest industrial standards and quality requirements. Raw material is sourced at well-known qualified suppliers and other elements or purchases are secured by contract or partnerships. First manufacturing operations of all of our products are forming operations (extrusion, heading, super plastic forming, sheet metal working, etc …) and are systematically made in house and represent our core competencies. We tend to be as much integrated as we can to master quality, cost and lead-time and to have in-house special processes; this is particularly true for fasteners.

When it comes to new products, LISI AEROSPACE follows industrialization methodologies and project management policies compliant with customer requirements, aiming at securing a capable and sustainable manufacturing process.

All our facilities are AS/EN9100 qualified and we apply built-in quality concept by opposition to final inspection culture.
Our special processes are NADCAP qualified.

Attached product description are meaningful of our current production; due to our expertise and wideness of our manufacturing process we will be keen to study any other product opportunities.