Develop talents to prepare the future, train to raise skills levels according to each individual abilities, give managers the opportunity to explore their role, promote bridges between cross functions or hierarchical levels – such are our challenges to success in our expansion and answer our ambitions.
The opportunities of development are plural: training program, cross functional and international mobility and transfers that will enable to express your talent.

Developing skills by integrating training programs

By joining LISI AEROSPACE, you will integrate a proactive company which invests in its team members by accompanying the development of their technical, behavioral or managerial skills.

Developing skills by encouraging Mobility and Transfers

Embarking on a new career path provides new opportunities, new experiences and sparks new growth both for individuals and companies alike. At LISI AEROSPACE it is no exception; mobility -moving from one division to another, one site to another, one department to another, or simply to a different position in the same department –, progress and flexibility are key elements of our Company culture. Accordingly, our Management teams all over the world focus every year on identifying the opportunities we can offer to our team members.

Rewarding skills

Attract talents is a major objective for LISI AEROSPACE to succeed in its EXPANSION, that’s why we aim to be up to our ambitions. Men and women of the company are our most valuable asset; we recognize effort, commitment and performance by proposing an attractive remuneration.
As a responsible employer, LISI AEROSPACE guarantees a fair and transparent remuneration policy. Thus, our team members receive an equitable and competitive salary representing their performance, skills, experiences and qualifications.
A competitive benefits package completes our team members’ compensation, reaffirming our commitment towards the well-being of each individual within the company.

Logo LKI

Our Corporate University, Your Skills Development

LISI AEROSPACE Knowledge Institute was born for :

  • Providing everyone the same opportunities for success at LISI AEROSPACE
  • Providing each person the opportunity to grow
  • Giving Managers the opportunity to explore and fulfill their role

Key figures 2013 : 186 257 hours of training