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LISI AEROSPACE has a strong presence in the world of Commercial Aircrafts. Working closely with the engineering and supply chain departments of AIRBUS, BOEING, BOMBARDIER and EMBRAER, LISI AEROSPACE designs, manufactures, supplies high performance fasteners and state of the art large structural components widely used on legacy and new programs.

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LISI AEROSPACE is also present in China, Japan and Russia to take part in the new developments of commercial aircrafts.

Over the last 40 years, the commercial aircraft market has kept on growing at an average rate of 3% to 4% per year. Published market outlooks forecast a long term positive trend, driven by the development of Asia, the existing fleet renewal needs and the search for better performing aircrafts.

To serve this evolving market, LISI AEROSPACE maintains a high level of investment. Thanks to capacity addition, state of the art manufacturing technologies, high level of employees training LISI AEROSPACE is able to bring proven and efficient solutions to its customer and participate in the strong development of the commercial aircraft market.

LISI AEROSPACE is also a strong partner of prestigious names such as DASSAULT AVIATION, GULFSTREAM, CESSNA, LOCKHEED MARTIN, manufacturing products for the highly demanding worlds of business aviation and military aviation.


Focused on highly technical products, LISI AEROSPACE helps building key areas in the aircraft, such as the wing to body junction, the fuselage nose, VTP and HTP junctions, engine pylons, …. Many of the products designed and manufactured in our plants are critical for the safety of flying passengers. They also participate actively in the global performance of our customer’s programs.