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Sheet metal Forming ​Sheet metal Forming
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​Inspection (metalography, CMM...)
​Testing (shear, fatigue, tensile...)
​3D measurements
Cleaning ​Wet/Stripping
Assembly ​Assembly


LISI AEROSPACE offers to manufacture a wide range of parts with diameters from 2/16'' untill 48/16'' including a large range of lengths. LISI AEROSPACE is able to propose various coating, plating, heat treatment, surface conversion capabilities such as IVD, HI-KOTE® NC, Cehtyl alcohol, passivation... and is also licensed on different recesses (Hi-Torq®, Tri Wing®, TORX®…). The organization of the production on flexible production lines allowed LISI AEROSPACE to produce batch of parts with quantity going from 10 to 250 000 parts per batch.​