Manufacturing Footprint

Manufacturing is at the heart of our history and expertise since the early days; LISI AEROSPACE has 20 manufacturing sites in 9countries : France, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Morocco, Poland (JV) and India (JV).

All our sites are AS/EN9100 and ISO 14001 qualified; special processes are NADCAP approved. Our Fasteners Division has recently won its Global Quality Management System AS/EN9100 certification, rewarding years of harmonization and corporate processes deployments to build one global leader.

Our sites are all organized in Autonomous Production Units themselves split in Autonomous Production Group committed to quality, on-time delivery and productivity for a given product line. Lean and Six Sigma concepts are embedded into our LEAP TM Production System which aims at eliminating waste and variations as well as empowering people at every level to make
fact-based decisions at the time and place where events appear.

Notwithstanding special projects or capacity step increase, we devote a normative 5% of our sales revenues to maintain and upgrade our production means and infrastructures.
Huge efforts have been made to offer a safe, green, efficient and pleasant working environment.

For performance, quality and cost reasons, we tend to favor global integration from raw material to finished products, having in house most of the special processes; we have a network of Approved Suppliers, mostly contracted, should we need to subcontract special processes.

Our Structural Component Division has the knowledge and ability to design and manufacture its own on purpose proprietary forming equipment.


FASTENERS manufacturing sites

  • Bangalore (INDIA)
  • City of Industry (USA)
  • Dorval (CANADA)
  • Izmir (TK)
  • Rugby (UK)
  • St Brieuc (FR)
  • St Ouen l’Aumône (FR)
  • Tangier (MOROCCO)
  • Torrance (USA)
  • Vignoux Sur Barangeon (FR)
  • Villefranche de Rouergue (FR)

STRUCTURAL COMPONENTS manufacturing sites

  • Argenton sur Creuse (FR)
  • Bar sur Aube (FR)
  • Bologne (FR)
  • Casablanca (MOROCCO)
  • Chihuahua (MEXICO)
  • Deols (FR)
  • Marmande (FR)
  • Sedziszow (POLAND)
  • Parthenay (FR)