Lisi Production System

LEAP is our production system with the meaning LISI EXCELLENCE ACHIEVEMENT PROGRAM – designed and updated at the LISI Group level with involvement of all our divisions, it includes the best benchmark from Automotive and Medical industries. Based upon Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma and QRQC (Quick Response Quality Control) concepts, our production system is being rolled out toward all our manufacturing sites to enhance our culture of performance and continuous improvement. Our LEAP program consists into 3 blocks :

  • A3 : a single and simple roadmap that defines our goals and projects to reach it as well as KPIs to monitor our progresses.
  • Problem Solving Management : a framework used at different levels to support appropriate routines to track and solve issues at the time they happen, on site, with the relevant people.
  • Tool Box & Trainings : standardized set of Lean & Other improvement tools with appropriate trainings.

It relies on an organization designed per Autonomous Unit of Production and Autonomous Group of Production to delegate responsibilities and actions at the appropriate level.