Our Competencies

Tomorrow’s aircraft will be more comfortable, lighter, cheaper, greener, burn less fuel, be easier to operate and to achieve this there is a need for new materials, new engines, simpler designs, structures which are easier to assemble, new coatings and much more.
Innovation is part of LISI AEROSPACE's strategy and part of our DNA: LISI AEROSPACE contributes in its fields to the stream of innovation that has lead to brand new aircraft such as the A380, B787 or A350 + engines, helicopters…

With a community of more than 100 people active worldwide in Research & Technologies, dedicated prototyping means and laboratories, and active involvement in public programs, LISI AEROSPACE annually devotes more than 3% of its sales revenues to future products and processes.


Design teams are in charge of the development of new products and tools, either LISI AEROSPACE innovative solutions or customers’ solutions. Having a long and recognized expertise, we are able to design or support developments of a wide range of products such as pins, nuts, rivets, latches, temporary fasteners, installation tools or any other specific part.


In order to make continuous improvements in our methods, LISI AEROSPACE relies more and more on numerical tools. Thus, we are able to achieve cheaper, shorter and more efficient developments for new products. These digital tools are used to develop our products but also to improve our manufacturing processes, giving us the means to optimize aircraft design and assemblies, and parts manufacturing.

  • Various materials such as titanium, aluminum, nickel based alloys, polymers…
  • Installation and static stress calculation on fasteners or on complex assemblies
  • Hot and cold forging for fasteners and structural components
  • Heating, induction process, fatigue stress and other specific processes under development
  • Dedicated tools and macros development for quick solving and pre-design 


Materials and Coatings

Materials and coatings are critical sources for our products performances and manufacturing. This is why LISI AEROSPACE works to find greener, innovative and more efficient solutions for tomorrow. These researches can be made for our products or for our customers. LISI AEROSPACE can provide support to determine the best material and coating combinations according to:

  • Mechanical requirements
  • Environmental requirements (corrosion, temperature, REACH compliance, resistance to chemicals, etc.)
  • Electrical conductivity
  • Friction properties


To support its developments, LISI AEROSPACE dedicates several specific laboratories to R&D activities in Europe and in the United States. Able to perform most tests required for aerospace fasteners and structures, our specialists also develop new test methods and recommendations. In addition, a network of external laboratories is continuously maintained to ensure top of the range competencies and capabilities in terms of testing and examinations.

  • Tensile and fatigue
  • Torque-tension
  • Installation (torque, pull capability and preload control)
  • 3D CMM
  • Prototyping machine
  • Corrosion (salt spray, alternate immersion, etc.)
  • Coating characterization (adhesion, resistance to chemicals, thickness, etc.)
  • Electrical properties (voltage breakdown, lightning strike, etc.)
  • Metallurgical expertise (optical and electronic microscopy)