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Tomorrow’s aircraft will be more comfortable, lighter, cheaper, greener, burn less fuel, be easier to operate and to achieve this there is a need for new materials, new engines, simpler designs, structures which are easier to assemble, new coatings and much more.

Innovation is part of LISI AEROSPACE's strategy and part of our DNA: LISI AEROSPACE contributes in its fields to the stream of innovation that has lead to brand new aircraft such as the A380, B787 or A350.

With a community of more than 100 people active worldwide in Research & Technologies, dedicated prototyping means and laboratories, active involvement in public programs, LISI AEROSPACE annually devotes more than 3% of its sales revenues to future products and processes.


Fasteners Division:

Since the HI-LITE™ and HI-LOK™ most popular fastener systems developed 20 years ago, LISI AEROSPACE has provided the market with numerous solutions, recently including products compliant with composite, lightning strike and environmental constraints known as STL™ system and HI-KOTE™ NC coatings.

Our knowledge is not limited to fasteners but encompasses installation tools aimed at offering a robust solution that reduces the total cost of assembly.


Structural Components Division:

Highly experienced in metal forming, LISI AEROSPACE Structural Components has developed proprietary manufacturing processes and equipment to offer complex parts near to shape saving raw material, weight, secondary operations and assembly tasks.

Among the most significant products manufactured as per our customized process, we can cite engine blades, one piece canopee, metal leading edges, 3D beams, stiffeners and spars, air intake lipskin.


We are continuously strengthening our core competencies and efficiently using them within our design methodology that applies to any project from the initial requirement to the final industrial validated product or process :

  • Materials : titanium, inconel, aluminum, plastic
  • Stress and simulation
  • Coatings formulation and application
  • Design and prototyping
  • Mechanical and environmental testing
  • Installation tooling, manual or automated
  • Manufacturing processes : forming, bounding and welding heat-treatment, machining, thread rolling, crimping, plating, assembling
  • Automation and robotization